Additions for Backhoe
If you order a tractor with a JW-03 Backhoe, the Chinese, or dealer will make sure the right parts are included.   If you order a backhoe for an existing JM tractor you need to make sure you get the following items:

- Swivel Seat Mount.  Allows the drive seat to work         double duty as backhoe seat.

- Backhoe Style FEL Mounts.  The mid-section FEL       mounts have a place to tie in the front backhoe             frame.

- Sloted Shaft for Backhoe Hydraulic Pump.                      Required to run the auxilary backhoe hydraulic            pump.
Close-up of the hydraulic pump attached to tractor.  PTO shaft is below pump.
Close-up of the sloted shaft for the backhoe hydraulic pump.
Pictures and info provided by Chuck @  Nissouri Tractor and Power Equipment