The following pictures were provided by Mike Stewart of Maverick Tractor.  They were taken by him on a visit to the JM factory, in the October 2000 time frame.  All picture captions are from Mike.   The comments and pictures are not necessarily representitive of the JM factory.  Note: All tractors are being produced
in the new factory, today.   See next page ->
Carefully stored sheetmetal!

New 3 cylinder engine w/thermostat loose, right out of the box!
The new JM factory under construction
How many Chinese Engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
OK, that wasn't Mike's caption!  His is below:
Factory engineers discussing my list of problems.
284 w/loader & bhoe in inspection area
Misc.  2-speed PTO
Misc.  Optional Horizontal Exhaust
Walking tractor assemly area
Misc.  Optional swinging drawbar