Daveland's 354LE
Here are a few pics for the tractor pics site on

Jinma 354LE crate tractor purchase thru Glenn at coastal
tractor. Great Dealer.  Trailered 190 miles from CT. to
Kutztown PA.  Assembled outdoors ( lucky we had no rain!!)
and got running in 1 week. Assembled by one person ( just
me) no forklift or other power assist. Front axle mounting
was the biggest issue. The 354's come with fron axle's
removed from the front differential gearbox. Not really
complicated, but there are heavy and awkward.  Took a few
tries to rig up a block & tackle to lift them in place
while I threaded the bolts.  Drained fluids and replaced.
Started up fine. Runs great.  ordering FEL soon.

Best regards