Glenn's Jinma 254
Does this tractor look familiar?  It should.  It is my Jinma tractor, being conveyed over to Glenn.  After much thought, I determined the best way for me to add a JM backhoe, was to sell the tractor and FEL, and order a new one, with FEL and backhoe.
Tractor is all loaded with the sunshade removed.  Say goodbye, John.
Loaded on 2-axle U-Haul trailer.  If you use one to transport tractor, recommend getting additional tie-downs, such that the tractor can be moved further back over the axles.  This arrangement was less than ideal, with a little too much weight on the tongue.   Was not an issue with the short distance traveled.
Last shot of tractor loaded on trailer.
Jinma at its new home on Glenn's 40+ acre spread
Dingo or maggie?  Checking the new arrival
Putting her to work right away
Need one of these when there is nowhere to go
Oh, did I fail to mention the 13 acre lake on the property?  Mark M eat your heart out!  :-)
One of the critters that roams the lake
Big brother giving little brother a hand
Put away, till next weekends work