JM Chipper/Shreader
Picture and info, compliments of Graham Slieker of Bolton Power Equipment
JM Chipper/shreader mounted on Ag-Boss 284
Tractor side picture
The JM chipper/shreader is another good value Chinese implement.  It is able to handle trees and branches up to 6" in diameter.   It is much more powerful and heavy duty than most yard based units, and more reasonable than commercial units.  Great for personnel use on small estates.
Dimensions: 47" X 40" X 63"
Weight: > 880 lbs
Input Power Req: 15 - 50 Hp
Flywheel Speed: 1220 RPM
PTO: 540 RPM
Feed System: Auto Feed
Number of Blades: 2
Max Cutting Diameter: 6"
Drive Belts: V belt 9N-1080 X 5
Helpful Hints: 

- Always wear eye protection, there are gaps near the flywheel, that chips can         and will find there way back toward you.

- Check and maintain belt tension, particularly on the feed roller drive.  If it is too      loose, the belt will slip and burn when you get anything sizable in there.   Too        tight, and you can break the feed roller drive shaft, if you get a big piece of              hardwood wedged in the feed.  Fifteen or so pounds with a 1/4" of deflection at    the mid-point on the belt, is about right.  At that tension it will slip if you get it          jambed.  Better to replace a belt than a drive shaft.

- Don't over grease the bearings.  They have rubber seals over the race.   Blow it     out, and they will attract dirt and water very quickly.
Woodchipper in action.  How many... ;-)
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