Tractor Assembly Pictures
Parts  of the tractor scattered across garage, after unloading from crate.
Can you find fenders, sunshade, hood, battery tray, rear FEL mount, air cleaner, air filters, battery cable, and rollbar?
The naked rear of the tractor.  Well almost.  The right 3pt link is there.
The left fender and rollbar section went on first.
With both fenders and rollbar installed.  Some styrofoam was used to keep fenders from tipping out.
Another angle of fender and rollbar installed.
Added 3pt linkage(minus toplink), PTO shield, and swinging drawbar.
Front weight bar has been mounted.  BTW, it is mostly dirt, not rust, on the surfaces.
Battery tray has now been installed.
Right side of engine.
Can easily see alternator, exhaust plug, starter, hydraulic pump. and hydraulic quick disconnect.
Shot with a test fit of hood.  Battery and fluids in the forground. 
Rear shot, tractor complete, except sunshade.