Wayne E's Nortrac 254
NorTrac 254 with Great Bend FEL, Quick Hitch and custom snow plow.
Canvas top, custom fitted.
I broke this taking my time and not over working the machine.   The castng looked defective. 

I have some good news, I was able to fabricate a end bushing for my boom cylinder. Cost me $20. to have the end bored out and the bushing pressed in. The welding did take me some time because I didn't want to over heat the cylinder shaft.
After getting the cylinder back on the hoe I took the hoe back to the place where I was digging and gave it a good work out (about 2 hours ) didn't baby it at all. If any one wants to know the end broke right at the point where there is a hole for a grease fitting,all three of my cylinders have the hole on the end but no grease fitting.

Chains make a big difference on ice and hard packed snow.
JM backhoe mounted with a Great Bend FEL.
Cut and welded the hoe mounts to the Great Bend FEL frame.