Chinese Jinma 284 Tractor Log        
Serial # Engine #  
Date Hour Meter Description      
5/30/02 0 Pack car, drive to Ryder. No 24' diesel available! So much for having reservations and checking on it the day before!  Confirmed that they would absolutely have a 24' diesel, auto, tail gate lift available for next AM.  Dropped son back-off at school (only missed one period) went to work.  Called Ryder at 3PM.  Guess what, no truck! Had to settle on no lift gate.  Already out of 3 day window, and will start collecting additional warehouse fees.      
5/31/02 0 Son has tests at school, so my wife accompanies me on trip.  Ryder is apologetic and indicates no hurry to get the truck back tomorrow.  Head for Newark NJ. Customs Broker.  MapQuest mapped the exact route.  No issues.      
5/31/02 0 Pick-up DAD paperwork from customs broker, head to St. George warehouse which is about 5 miles away in Kearny NJ.      
5/31/02 0 Fill-out warehouse paperwork and wait in line with many anxious truckers.  At the window, they inform me that the DAD is missing the customs stamp and my previous confirmation about paying with a check, is incorrect!  Call broker and they are faxing the copy with stamp over.  Short the cash by $20, head to bank which is only a 1 1/2mi away.  Not bad for a warehouse district.      
5/31/02 0 Get back and wait for fax.  Now there is an issue with Ag hold!  Call broker yet again.  They get fax with release, fax to st george.  Finally all paperwork complete. 3 hours lost!      
5/31/02 0 Warehouseman does an excellent job of loading truck.  FEL & hoe are side by side in the front, followed by tractor and cultivator, with woodchipper on the end.  Head for home.      
5/31/20002 0 Run into a good deal of stop and go traffic leaving Newark.  Shouldn't have been an issue if we left at 1:30 vs 4:30 on a Friday.  Once clear, traffic is fine for the rest of the trip.  Truck struggles with the 8000lb load up the long grade through the Delaware water gap. Run into some heavy rain north of Scranton.  Same storm produced 2 tornadoes less than 15 mi from my home.       
5/31/02 0 Stop at a small mom n pop restaurant just off 81 in northern PA.  Excellent home cooked meals.  Had a covered turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes, and salad.  Wife has same except roast beef.  Bill came to a whooping $15! :-) Mental note, find an excuse to drive down this way again.      
5/31/02 0 Continue on to home.  Had to go around one 12' 3" bridge, but was already known and just a couple a blocks out of the way.  Damage waiver doesn't cover bridges that are marked less than 12' 6".  Home at last.      
5/31/02 0 Now comes the big question, "How to get the crates off the truck with no tailgate lift?"  The woodchipper (900lbs) and cultivator (450lbs) are slid down the Ryder ramp using chains and 4 ton cable pull.  Go slow and no issues at all.  Cover crates, and head for bed.      
6/1/02 0 Unload everything from tractor crate, except chassis and rollbar.  Had to unbolt front section to get rear wheels out.  Bolt frame back together.  Empty bucket and large bin in FEL crate (parts).      
6/1/02 0 Farmer arrives with large IH farm tractor and FEL.  Says it can handle 3500lb lift and the 16000lbs of the tractor is plenty of ballast.       
6/1/02 0 The IH 7' bucket just makes it through the door of the truck.  Find balancing point and double wrap chains.  Tractor easily lifts and places the tractor crate.  My fingers were crossed the whole time!  Position FEL and hoe crate and lift off in the same way.  This went much easier than expected.  One hour and all unloaded.      
6/2/02 0 Jack tractor and block.  Install rear wheels.  Do the same for front and install front wheels.  Set steering wheel on, and roll tractor in garage.  Assembly is very similar to previous tractor, and will not be covered in log.      
  4 Having a intermittent problem with miss-firing and engine knock.  After much investigation, and work, problem appeared to be dirty injector.  Problem cleared up once injector line to injector #1 was opened and closed.  Much help provided by CTOA.       
6/22/02 5 Drive tractor around property, intial break-in.  Test all gears and operations.  Drag frame on trails.      
07/7-12/2002 7 Assemble backhoe and mount on tractor, to get it out of driveway.  Some minor issues with backhoe that will be addressed at a latter time.      
7/13/02 10 Attach 5' KK box blade and adjust 3pt linkage for the first time.   Test by grading trails down by the creek.  Some misc FEL work.      
7/14/02 12 Attach 5' KK rotary mower for the first time.  Clear about 3/4 acres of tall weeds and brush. Jinma handles it just fine.  Have one small issue with edge of mower scrubing on the back edge of the rear tires.  This only happened with mower at highest lift and going down hill.      
7/17/02 13 Drain radiator and engine.  Ran tractor for 1/2 hour to get to operating temp.  Flush radiator with hose, drain again.  Add Radiator Cleaner, and run and flush per instructions.  Fill with 50/50 mix of distilled water and anti-freeze.  Drain Chinese engine oil and replace filter.  Add new 15W-40 desiel engine oil.      
7/18/02 14 Drain front axle, and transmission oil.  Drove tractor around back fields in 4 wheel mode, to warm up the oil before draining.   Transmission has four drain plugs, two at the bottom and to the side of the swinging drawbar.  Another is on the transfer case just below the transmission, and the last is just forward of tansfer case over the front drive shaft cover.  Be prepared for allot of oil, most will come out of the two bottom plugs, near drawbar!   Front axle has a small drain plug near the bottom of each front wheel hubs.   Replace with  Universal Hyd/transmission oil.      
7/19/02 15 Drain hydraulic oil.  Drain is on bottom of upper 3pt link mount.  Ran and exercised FEL, 3pt lift, and steering for 1/2 hour prior to draining.      
7/20/02 15 Mount new tractor lights to front of sunshade and add a flood light to rear of sunshade.  These are TSC $15 tractor lights.  Will wire at a latter date.      
7/20/02 18 Use box blade to clear and level off some of the trails down near the creek.  Got into some wet areas which spun the tires in 4 wheel drive.  Had to raise box blade a few times to get unstuck.  Also, do some work on the hill trails, but still a bit wet and the clay is greasy.      
7/21/02 21 Continue working on reclaiming field.  Rotary cutter is working well, but have to go slow because the high weeds and brush can be hiding some big surprises, that the cutter won't like.  Running the FEL bucket near the ground, to find them before the mower does.      
7/24/02 24 More hogging.  A deer stops bye, and stares at me for a few minutes, from 30'.  Wonder what has em so facinated?  Oh yea, first time its seen a chinese tractor! ;-)      
7/25/02 27 Finish hogging field.  Complete except for some ditches that need extra care.  Ran over one hidden tire.  Mower jumped a few inches, and that was it.  Notice that I have the barn swallows trained.    Have about two dozen circling and feasting on the bugs I'm kicking up.   Also, mow around some of the creek trails, and push some multifloral rose way back, out of the way.