Current Implements

This is a list of the current implements I own.  Will update with comments and pictures, as time permits.

·        JM ZL-02 FEL

·        Haulin’ Trailer,  5’ X 8’, tilt and removable sides

·        Weed Drags

·        Just the bottom section of the shipping crate.  Drag behind tractor to keep trails manageable, till I get a rotary cutter.   




Future Implements

This is a list of implements I plan to purchase in the future.

·        5’ Medium Duty Rotary Cutter (Spring 2002)

·        5’ Medium Duty Box Blade (Spring 2002)

·        JM ZL-03 Backhoe (Spring 2002?)

·        Plow (?)

·        Discs (?)

·        Drags (?)