The following are modifications that I have performed to my tractor. I will provide additional text and pictures, as time permits.

        Remove Foot Throttle

        I had no use for it, and it was just getting bumped. Frees up some floor space and makes right side tractor mounting easier, but FEL controls still make it a little tight.

        Driving Lights/Work Light

        Tractor lights work well, unless you mount a FEL. Mounting a couple of driving lights on front edge of sunshade fixes that. Also, sunshade will hit a fender mounted work light, in the folded down position. Mounting it to the rear of sunshade fixes that.

        Front Wheels in wide position

        Real easy. Just switch wheels around with air stems pointed in. Gives about 9 more front wheelbase. Outer edges of front and rear wheels are aligned now. Need to remember that front axle is a little more exposed. Be careful around larger rocks and stumps.



Future Modifications

These are future modifications or changes that I need to investigate further. They are not presented in any particular order.

        Hour Meter Wiring

        Hour meter will clock all time the starter key is left in the on position. Mod will require switch in on position and engine running to clock hours.

        Dash mounted Brake Light Indicator

        I have a habit of leaving the brake paw on. Red warning light will be mounted on dash and wired to the brake light system.

        Aux 12V Outlet

        Add cigarette lighter port, plug, and inline fuse, such that you can operate automotive type accessories.

        Convert Chinese fuse block to standard.

        Radiator Overflow bottle

        Currently, will drip onto front axle. Should be an easy matter to add a small bottle, or lengthen hose.

        Move rear wheels to wide position

        Requires removing wheel hubs and wheel weights. If successful, provides another 8-9 rear wheelbase. Test out, if OK see if PVC fender flares are needed.

        Power Beyond Port/FEL/Aux Hydraulic Ports

        Current FEL hydraulics are inline, and this is a better set-up. Today, operating FEL can cause some loss of power steering. Will also add aux hydraulic ports.

        FEL Bucket Level and Position Indicator

        Make and mount a fluid bucket level indicator. Make and mount a rod in tube bucket position indicator.

        FEL Spade Shovel Brackets

        Whenever you use the FEL, its nice to have a shovel around. Will mount to the top of the left FEL arm.

        Seat and Toolbox

        Modify or buy a seat that can tilt forward. Add some springs, and mount a small toolbox under seat. Toolbox will hold wrench set that came with tractor plus PTO tools and other misc items.

        3pt Counter Weight and Storage

        Make a 3pt FEL counter weight system. Will need to provide access to hitch. Needs a flat platform to add large PVC toolbox, to carry items like chainsaw, oil, fuel, shears, etc. Will be mounted on tractor most of the time.


        Buy and mount tiltmeter.

        Cup/Bottle Holder

        Buy and mount swivel cup holder. Always need someplace to put that water bottle.

        Sunshade Sound Proofing

        Add acoustic foam under sunshade, to reduce reflected engine and tranny noise. Or a place to hang soundproofing earmuffs.

        Sound proofing to hood? Need to evaluate if it will reduce sound level at all, and consider issue of heat build-up. I have a dB meter and acoustic foam; the test wont cost anything!