Spare Parts Cache

This is a list of spare parts that I have purchased:

        Oil Filters (4)

        Fuel Filters (3)

        Air Filters (5)

        Hydraulic Filter Screens (2)

        Brake Discs (2)

        Clutch Disc

        PTO Clutch Disc

        Clutch Plate

        PTO Clutch Plate



        Left Steering Arm

        Left Pull-rod End (4)

        Right Pull-rod End (4)

        Fuel Injectors (3)

        Glow Plugs (3)

        Water Pump

        Fan Belt

        Fan Assembly

        Engine Gasket Set

        Steering Cylinder Seal Kit

        Hydraulic Pump Seal Kit

        Head Light Bulbs (2)

        Tail Light Bulbs (2)

        O-rings/Seals/Piston Rings


Future Spare Parts

This is a list of parts that I plan to add within the coming year.

        Injector Pump

        Hydraulic Pump

        Clutch Disc

        PTO Clutch Disc

        Brake Discs (2)